Filler Slabs - Teracota Filler Slab, Coconut Shell Filler Slab, Bamboo Filler Slab

Lightweight, inexpensive materials such as lowgrade Mangalore tiles,bamboo, bricks, coconut shells, glass bottles, etc. are used as filler materials in filler slabs to replace the redundant concrete in tension zones. This technique saves energy-consuming concrete. Roofs and intermediate floors account for 20-25% of the total cost of the house. This technique also reduces the unwanted dead load of roofing. This roofing costs 30-35% less than conventionally used concrete roofing. Thus a considerable amount is saved in terms of materials, energy, and cost.

Brick Jallies

Creative bricklaying is a defining visual characteristic of vernacular architects with varied arrangements providing natural ventilation instead of costly and environmentally damaging air conditioning. Jali walls also provide privacy, security, cost reduction in windows needed, and – most dramatically -- aesthetic appeal.

Mud Construction

One of the greatest problems to face during the next fifty years is that of energy. The pressure of this problem will be less if we can make use of energy-free materials as much as possible.

We construct mud buildings which were equivalent to conventional masonaries brick / concreate blocks. We construct mud masonary by ading stabilizers to mud in the form of ADOBE (sundried brick), CSEB (compressed earth block), COB, Rammed earth.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone, or mud brick. It is often textured, colored, or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall.

Mud Plastering

We create mirror finished, textured mud plastering which was equivalent to conventional plastering in strength and durability. We can assure a 60 year life for mud construction buildings. It also reduces temperature upto 10 degree centegrade. We also ensure for its indoor air quality and health benefits.

Composite Masonry

In which one layer is different from the others in type or grade of stone/brick or mortar used. It may be used for aesthetical purpose or structural purpose.

Exposed Brick Work

Can't we construct exposed brick work in a pleasing way?
WE CAN ..............


Charupadi is a typical kerala window can be made up of bamboo, wood, brick which offen used for semi private or leasuire space. It allows ample amount of light and ventilation without any disturbance to occupants privacy. it also provides a optical illusion that the building was more spacious than existing.


We widely use bamboo for aesthetical purpose as well as structure purpose like bamboo filler slab, bamboo walls, wattle - daub, partitions, window / charupadi, flooring, foundation, beams, balaustrade and stair case. Bamboo is a eco friendly product and keeps room environment protected.

Flooring & Finishing

We create mirror finished floorings and wall finishings in a afforable cost


We use arches because of its structural characteristics and aesthetical apperance.

Inbuilt Furniture

Other Alternative Technologies

We integrate alternative construction technologies like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, wind towers, passive cooling techniques, grey water and black water treatment, bio gas plants, solar chimney etc.,

Rat Trap

Rat Trap Bond

This double-wall technique uses bricks on edge with a cross brick between each and produces a 9-inch thick wall with an insulating air cavity in between. Approximately 30% Material (brick and mortar) is saved and thus overall construction cost is reduced. Cavity provides effective thermal and sound insulation. This makes rat trap bond energy and cost efficient building technology.